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Dan Miller's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dan Miller

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Busy! [04 May 2003|10:49am]
Ah... sorry guys! I have been so busy lately with school and travel and working and my girlfriend!
I miss you guys so much! We gotta hang sometimes soon. I hear that all you guys have been chillin at concerts and parties without me! :( Sorry I couldn't make those things, but ya gotta know that I wanted to be there!
Rumor has it that Nikki got a Dan Bear?! What is this about? Surely mine is hotter!
And Chrissi has been keeping me up to date on her loves and hates and stalkers and her lack of prom date!
Love you guys... write something here so we can chat!
OH and I never posted about Nikki coming here for the show! Hmm... well if you wanna know about it then read her journal! Peace!
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Can handle (this). [17 Feb 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Haha! You all know what I mean when I say that I can't handle (this). :( I feel out of the loop with (this)... *sadness* I wish I could play along but I can't, I can not bring myself to a point where I could do (this) with a straight face... happy trails to all of you who have found it in yourself to be able to do (this).
~Dano <~left out

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Aftermath of All That... c/o Nikki! [15 Feb 2003|08:24pm]
LilPeaches11: I MISSED IT!
DaniGirl6381: U MISSED ITT!!
DaniGirl6381: I WAS SOOO HOTT!!!
LilPeaches11: i turned it on, and it ended!!!
DaniGirl6381: :-(
LilPeaches11: my clock lied to me!
DaniGirl6381: awe that sucks! it was hott and my opera song
DaniGirl6381: and i was wearing a hott "Someone in West Virgina loves me" shirt!!!
DaniGirl6381: DARLENE!!!
LilPeaches11: AHAHAHA
LilPeaches11: no that's just in Virginia
DaniGirl6381: Wait no... thats just regular Virginia but...
DaniGirl6381: close enough!
LilPeaches11: AHAHHA
DaniGirl6381: I hate that little Spears is on All That
DaniGirl6381: its so annoying
LilPeaches11: she IS?
DaniGirl6381: yea!
LilPeaches11: yukky

No offense Britt and Tiff but your sister needs to not be on that show. It's so hott that I was on that show cause when we were little... it was always like unknown black preps trying to rap on that show. Ha.
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Me being oh so adorable!!! [15 Feb 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I can't remember but I think that I got this at McDonald's with Trevor and dinosaur kid!

An apple day they say!

Me being eaten by a tree!

Me looking super hott... alone but hott!

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Something to post about!!! [15 Feb 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Happy Valentine's Day all... especially to my sexy valentine Chrissy! You so fine... especially last night on 20/20! *sizzle*
Well I put a bid on some pics of myself on EBAY a while back and I finally got them today, for some reason they were adressed to my mom... but that's not the point! The lady sent me one pic of myself and one of ERIK!!! So I sent her some hate mail.
AND I AM GONNA BE ON SNICK TONIGHT!!! Hott huh?! Yea you bet ya! *sizzle again*
~Dano <~feeling hott today

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Betrayal! [09 Feb 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I have nothing to say but I feel as if I am betraying my muchos sexy journal! Hmmm... what to say? I WANT SEX BAD! Ah not really... I just have nothing to say...
OH! It's been fun roleplaying in front of "B" Haha... you're right he still needs a name... but we can't cause he is very much against it all! :( That's so sad! Grr on him. He doesn't like that I am so sexual I don't think. But what I can say? If you fine than you FINE!!! :P
~Dano <~pretty damn fine himself

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*sings scales* [16 Jan 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

We established that a few weeks ago and if you ask me I think it sounds madd hott yo!
"I Showed Her" is the new single!!! MY OPERA SONG IS OUT LATEST SINGLE! Listen for me on your local radio station... I'll be tearing it up with my hott ballots!!!
~Dano <~ sexier than ever when he sports his opera

SO MUCH FOR LIFE BEING BORING THESE DAYS! *sings opera LOUDLY even LOUDER than in Britt's car*

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Bored... [16 Jan 2003|06:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Yea nothing much has been going on in the world of Dan recently. Although it is quite a hot world it has been kinda of bland recently. The school semester is almost over and for that I am muchos pleased! New classes, new people... no LADIES harharhar! j/k! Love ya Erin *wink wink*
Post here about whatever because well things are boring.
~Dan <~feeling kinda of like a bored ass these days

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WEEKEND! [29 Dec 2002|06:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This weekend was a blast! Lots of spending money and dying hair and being loud and weird touching! Haha! I love my family and friends! I saw Trevor at the mall! He was eating McDonald's and neglected to sit with me but its all good! There were these crazy fans screaming and attempting to take pics of him... they were so cute! :D
He got kinda PARANOID! Haha!
I met up with Erin this weekend... and despite my undying love for Chrissi and Nikki and everyone... she's the one for me. I love her and that's that (unless of course you care to dye your hair red and your sexy). Ha! :P
Thanks for a terrif weekend you guys! Let's do it again sometime!
*kisses all around*
~Dan <~ check out my hot new pic!!! SEXY!

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MY TURN!!! [29 Dec 2002|06:08pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

~Stripped- Aren't you usually?
~Can't Hold Us Down- I never knew you were an antsy one in bed!
~Walk Away- Something you can't seem to do when faced with sexual pleasures!
~Fighter- Uh... not you! All you fight for is what kind of skank your gonna be wearing that day!
~Primer Amor Interlude- What? Are you trying to sound smart or something?
~Infatuation- WITH ME!
~Loves Embrace Interlude- There is a difference between love and lust!
~Loving Me 4 Me- Yea but no one else does.
~Impossible- For you not to be skanky!
~Underappreciated- Yea all your friends are underappreciated... we gotta put up with your bologna 24/7!
~Beautiful- No, you're not.
~Make Over- Get one!
~Cruz- Is that the build up of nasty shiz around your crotch ring?
~Soar- Into your bed and under the cover with your menzies!
~Get Mine, Get Yours- Yea but you want mine and I don't want yours!
~Dirrty- Yea... you are very DIRTY!
~Stripped Pt. 2- Haha... theres 2 PARTS to your nakedness!
~The Voice Within- No that's just your sex drive screaming out for more.
~I'm Ok- No you aren't!
~Keep On Singin' My Song- No STOP!


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10 Thing I Hate About... Chrissi! [29 Dec 2002|04:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

10 Things I Hate About Chrissi...
I hate how she is such a skank and how she's naked even when she's clothed.
I hate how she is such a pop wanna be punk and how music completely sucks.
I hate the way she always wants pity and to complain about her childhood.
I hate the way she cheats on me and how she looks at herself in nude pics.
I hate that she buys porn magazines because I am never in them.
But what I hate most is that I don't hate her at all, not even a little bit.

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Oh... [24 Dec 2002|09:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Yea I like forgot about Chrissy's birthday... so like Happy Birthday you mule. I can't believe I hooked up with you that weekend and I am so glad we aren't together anymore! Don't think your getting your pin back you back stabbing skankaroni! Way to turn your back and become a lesbian with Tiffany! She's practically my own flesh and blood *cough* how could you?!

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Soooo!!! [24 Dec 2002|09:22pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

YAH! The last Mechanicsburg trip was quite eventful thanks to info not needed by Nikki... I still hate you for that but not really because I took it upon myself to resolve it... sorta but not really. We can chat that up some other time.
Anywho... we are headed back! Unfortunately we will be without Mandy! :( Tis okay though I am sure she will be having muchos fun anyway!
So my hott bod will be at the Iron Kettle on the 26th! But we must leave I believe the 28th because I have dance practice and a test! I love having school when I am out of school!
Oh... yea this needs to be said...
There's this new solo artist... he sings like oprha or whatever that word is... his name is Josh Groban and he sucks! I rule and I have more fans so shove it busta!
~Dan <~still sexy

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DANO IN MECHANICSBURG!!! [30 Nov 2002|01:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey guys! Long time no chat! I am chilling with the fam and new friend Tony dog in Mechanicsburg! I am chilling at Nikki's house right now! Hott!!! Stress free weekend! YYYEEESSS!!! More to come later...
Dano is cool he is the best Dano ever!
Dano is why OTOWN is so cool!
Dano is the best member of OTOWN!
Dano is hott and Trevor, Jacob, Eric and Ashley are not!
:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

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ALBUM!!! [12 Nov 2002|07:52pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

My album has been released!!! ITS SO HOTT!!!
Comment here on it!
~Dan <~hotter than the CD though

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TWO DAYS! [10 Nov 2002|01:36pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Oh and who saw me on TRL?! SEXY KINDA!!!!

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Cheerios! [20 Oct 2002|11:02am]
[ mood | touched ]

Chrissy told me that my sexy face is on a Cheerios box! With a hot poster in the inside! I am sooo going to ACME today to check it out and buy like 1000 of them!
The CD release date is getting closer and closer, I am so excited!!! If you go to www.o-town.com you can check out some of the other songs that are on it!
I had a dream about myself and Jacob last night. I was sitting there talking to him but then later I married myself! *nods* Yes... I did!
~Dan <~ married now I think

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LINDA ELLERBEE! [07 Oct 2002|07:17pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Did ya all see my on Linda Ellerbee last night? I so sexy! Heeheez! Oh and it was revealed in the newest Seventeen magazine that I can't go on tour without Krispy Kremes... gotta luv those! I even have a shirt with the logo on it! TASTY TASTY!
~Dan <~ the living donut!
OH The new CD comes out on Nov. 5th FOR SURE! I promise... so go buy it! And you can download some of the songs at www.o-town.com check it out! It's hott yo!

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NEW SINGLE! [03 Oct 2002|07:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]


These Are The Days

Motel, sitting in the dark, empty room like an empty heart
Lovers stop but they never stay
Don't look back as they drive away
Maybe I...
Should fix this broken neon light
Fill the cracks and paint it bright
Then maybe love will stop here tonight

And if she knocks on my door
I'll give her the key
Just one look in her eyes and I know I'll be
Everything that she sees in me
More than I ever thought I could be but...

These are the days
When I all that I can do is dream
But I don't wanna spend forever
Living in the in between
I'm stuck here in a place without love
And I just can't let it stay this way
But for now I'm gonna have to face it
These are the days

I gotta use this lonely time
To change the picture in my frame of mind
Outside the window there's a sunny day
I wanna feel it on my face
You and I...
We're out here looking for the same thing
An end to all the wondering
Waiting for someone to share this feeling

And if she knocks on my door
I'll give her the key
Just one look in her eyes
And I know I'll be
Everything that she sees in me
More than I ever thought I could be but...

These are the days
When all that I can do is dream
But I don't wanna spend forever
Living in the in between
I'm stuck here in a place without love
And I just can't let it stay this way
But for now I'm gonna have to face it
These are the days

These are the days between your hopes and fears
These are the moments that are still unclear
When it's still uncertain if she will appear
But like it or not
This is what I got

~Dan <~ sings

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JACOB! [21 Sep 2002|05:31pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I dunno if you heard but Jacob is planning on getting married! Sweet huh?
~Dan <~ thinks it's sweet!

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